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One look, one taste and she will belong to us.

An Earth member of the medical recovery team on Transport Station Zenith, Harper meets two mysterious strangers from an unknown world. With intense eyes and even more intense desires, it’s easy for the two sexy-as-sin aliens to prove how good it can be with them.

Styx, a leader from Rogue 5, knows Harper is destined to belong to him and his most trusted enforcer, Blade. But when Styx is betrayed by one of his own kind, she’s caught in the deadly crossfire. Her mates must tread carefully, for even if they win the battle on the lawless outer moon, they might lose the most important battle of all—the one for Harper’s heart.

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This is an Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, whats not to like? Harper is a medic from earth stationed on Zenith Transport Station waiting to be called in by the Coalition of planets fighting the Hive. When the battle is finished the medics come in afterwards to look after the wounded.
While waiting for the call Harper bumps into a 7fth muscled walking Organism machine called Styx. Harper is looking to hook up quick before being called back to duty. Styx is looking at his mate.
Before Styx gets stuck in they are joined by Blade, we quickly discovers Harper has two mates. So Styx and Blade have to protect Harper from harm and pleasure her until she realises they are her mates.
This has plenty of action in and out bedroom, I enjoyed the quick sexy read, that has left steam coming of my kindle.
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review