ARC Review: PRETTY UGLY ( Addicted Hearts Book 2 ) By JANE ANTHONY @JAnthonyAuthor



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We were meant to live happily ever after, 

a promise I sealed with a band of gold.

Our road was rocky and rough, yet worth every mark etched on my heart.
Kat is my addiction. 
I’m her salvation.
Two hearts joined in pain.
Yet beneath the surface of our intended bliss, a tsunami was brewing.
An unstoppable force driven by deceit.
Now I’m back in New York — the city that stole my soul — caught between the future that awaits and a past that won’t let go.
I promised us a happy ending
But the ugliest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

“Once again, Jane Anthony delivers a heartfelt, emotional, and sometimes soul-shredding love story that will stay with me forever.” International Best-Selling Author Dani Rene’ 

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 Pretty Ugly carries on from Pretty Reckless, where we have Chase and Kat getting ready for their wedding day. Unfortunately things don’t always go to plan. I think this book was more intense than the last one. I loved it Jane Anthony had me yelling at my kindle, and I was in from the beginning cheering when needed, smiling when warranted.
This is a must read if you have read Pretty Reckless, if you haven’t start there so you understand the dynamics of their relationship with each other. If you want a pretty Romance then this isn’t for you. This is much more.
Writing what vibrates within her soul — romance, rock, representing Jersey moms in mini vans righteously — Jane Anthony gives a bit of herself and her quirky knowledge in each novel by incorporating her love of music through a book-specific playlist and adding things uniquely Jane to the plot, like her crazy family or ’80s trivia. When she’s not busy being mom or Mrs. A, you’ll find her at a concert, lost in a book, or on Facebook with her adoring readers.

Jane loves hearing from her readers! Connect with her on these social media sites, and don’t be too shy to say hello!


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