ARC Review: Gray Horse ( Heartbreaker and Heroes Book 7 ) by Bestselling Author CIANA STONE is Live on Sept 24th!@CianaStone

Gray horse BC GOOD



Warrior. SEAL. Protector. Artist. Mathias Gray Horse is many things, most of all a mystery. And not one that is easy to solve. He likes his space, and is comfortable with solitude.

There are plenty of women eager to keep him company, but Mathias isn’t sure he wants anyone to intrude on his space for long. He likes privacy and feels no need to fill the silence with unnecessary words. Maybe that means he’s destined to walk his path alone.

At least so he thinks. Until a butterfly lands on his hand and changes his whole world.

Who would have guessed?





I love Ciana Stone, her books always leaves me with warm feeling like I have been staying with friends, and I’m part of the action. Ciana characters become friends as she build great communities. After reading this series you begin to feel you know the characters very well.
Mathias is handsome, loyal, hot as well as an honourable man. When he meets Reese who is a genius who studies Bees and Butterflies. Something changes when they meet, whether they want it or not. It a powerful feeling in their physic, and you feel this tangible feeling pouring off the pages. When we visit we always catch up with our friends, as Reese is connected to Wiley and Deacon Johns with an invention she is working.
There is some serious bad guys trying to kill Reese. Mathias is determined to keep this woman safe. So there is plenty of bad guys to keep the action rolling.
This is a great series, but you can read this as a standalone. I ask why you would. If you read this book and you haven’t read the series. I know you will. This books have action danger love and loyalty to each other. I loved Mathias he is a guy with plenty of sex appeal. I always fall for Ciana’s heroes, she writes real men for real woman not boys.


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