Books and reading has always been dear to me. In some circumstances reading has saved my sanity.


I grew up in a house full of noise with younger brothers and sister all over the place. Even then I would shut myself away and read to escape the chaos.

Fast forward, I loved work, and the management structure around me. It made me money and I had lots of friends. My children grown up, I had been in a loving relationship for 9 years following my divorce. Books were my stress relievers, and had been for many years. I was happy and content for the first time of my life. After my holiday in Egypt seeing all the temples and places I had only seen on TV.I arrived home from Egypt with a severe pain in my neck.

After many medical tests, I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on my spinal cord. Unfortunately the prognosis was bleak, because the position of the tumour. The surgeon advised me to get my affairs in order, as the tumour was inoperable and would affect everything below the neck. I would be paralysed and eventually affecting my lungs. I had so much to fight for I refused to give in. I took my MRI films with me in a state of shock.


I found a wonderful female Neurosurgeon, who agreed to operate to give some extra time with my family. All I will say after a couples of Ops and radiotherapy, I had to learn how use my whole body like a new-born. I was paralysed from the neck downwards. I had a pile of books to ready to read, and had to rely on talking books. At the time it was only classic books narrated with a BBC accent, not very enjoyable.

Suffice to say, after a long and arduous journey back to movement. I have survived, but unfortunately I was medically retired from work, my career gone and being in severe pain daily trying to keep positive. I had always enjoyed reading, thank god for the kindle because my husband was ready to divorce me because I had book shelves full all through the house including the loft. I still have all my keepers, and whole series and favourite authors. Starting my blogs in 2011, I was unable to use then fully. I have new medication which has allowed me time and clarity to enjoy my blogs properly.









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